Transformative Learning

We offer bespoke learning experiences and consulting directly to families and through select institutions. Our clients come to us because we offer:

Partners in Change

Making positive changes in a complex system such as a family or a family enterprise can be challenging. Rather than coming in with a standard set of answers, we come in with the experience and tools to help you find your own answers that really work for your family. We have a deep understanding of how systems work. We help your family develop capabilities as a group—for example, how to make decisions together—rather than focusing solely on individual skills. The aim is to build resilience and capacity across the system so the family can better adapt to challenges and go after opportunities when they arise.

Wealthy families have a lot at stake. They face economic risks, to be sure, but they also face relational risks that can keep the family from reaching its potential or even tear it apart. We partner with your family to address both types of risks, with the goal of helping your family and its individual members thrive for the long term.